About us

A website based around the world of computers, although branded as 'Scriptopia' we pride ourselves in providing our viewers with more than just scripts of code we aim to work through with you the way in which any given code works and are here to answer your questions. We want for our site to be one that is based around its users, wanting to build a community where coders and developers can come and go as they wish asking and answering questions.

In the comming months we are working on new content going through a wider variety of languages including more on the topic of Firebase. We are also looking to inbtroduce the use of new languages working with Firebase such as Javascript. In future you can also expect a number of projects to arise where we will be working towards creating a system to carry out particular functionalities. If you the viewer have some suggestions as to what these upcomming projects should be or languages they should consist of, please do not hesitate to leave us a message via our contact and/or questions page.

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So what can you expect from us?
You can expect scripts of code with explanation as to how the code works, in addition to this you can also expect a video on how exactly the code comes together to form or carry out its functionality and with any suggestions or feedback that is submitted by our viewers you can expect alot more of what you want.