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Technical Trading Bot

Disclaimer:Before we begin I want to make clear I am no trading professional and the following is for educational purposes only. I take no responsibility for the trading bot you may make/use/buy and/or any money you lose or gain. By reading on you are agreeing to the above. Trading bots are a great way toContinue reading “Technical Trading Bot”

Puzzle/Quiz Site

Reading threads on a few Blackhat money making forums I came across several people talking about quiz/puzzle sites. It was often mentioned they attracted a fair amount of traffic and provided a means of monetisation. The objective is to automate the creation of relevant quizzes and or puzzles. My first impression of this project isContinue reading “Puzzle/Quiz Site”

About Scriptopia

One life, one dude. Lots to gain, not much to lose. Hello and welcome to Scriptopia, this is an open online space dedicated to the go-getters. On my journey to go-get I will be diarising my thoughts and actions here. I do this in the hope I may stumble on some like minded people whoContinue reading “About Scriptopia”

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