About Scriptopia

One life, one dude. Lots to gain, not much to lose.

Hello and welcome to Scriptopia, this is an open online space dedicated to the go-getters. On my journey to go-get I will be diarising my thoughts and actions here. I do this in the hope I may stumble on some like minded people who will be able to help me further along the way.

Scriptopia definition:

  • Go-getter -An individual with an incredible amount of ambition and initiative. An individual so determined for success they stop at nothing to achieve what they’re wanting. An individual who thrives where others would usually not, never afraid of the unknown.
    • “That dude is a real go-getter. When I grow up, I want to be just like him”

This is all a game! And the name of the game is simple, to make money. The catch is the way of making money must be automated and require little to get running. I don’t want to work for the money but instead I want the money to work for me.