Puzzle/Quiz Site

Reading threads on a few Blackhat money making forums I came across several people talking about quiz/puzzle sites. It was often mentioned they attracted a fair amount of traffic and provided a means of monetisation. The objective is to automate the creation of relevant quizzes and or puzzles.

My first impression of this project is that it feels just a little unexciting and on top of that the market is beyond saturated for these sorts of niche’s. I am wondering if people still play quizzes and puzzles online, the last I remember myself doing this was as an 8-year-old using a computer for the very first time.

As uninterested as I am, the work involved in setting up such a site is little to none. In terms of strategy, I reckon the shotgun approach makes sense with Facebook and Twitter being my primary’s.

Find all the latest on the Puzzle/Quiz site below:

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