Utilities Site – Countdown Timer Application

Another general utility used by many are countdown timers, you would typically see them a few months before Christmas or the launch of something new. Where the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds are being presented. This is another application that would be very easy to set up in the first instance and need no maintenance going forward.

Video Capture of Countdown Application

I would think an application of this sort would always be required by users and see it as a great way of earning those extra pennies a month. With no maintenance required there’s not much to worry about, although I must say the market for these is extremely saturated and it would seem every Tom, Dick and Harry has one running – If you can’t beat them, join them! Maybe an end game here would be to have a site filled with nothing but utilities, making it the users one stop shop for most things?

There are many open projects online that make available timer application codes in JavaScript, these can be very easily adjusted for your front-end and set to working order. If you’re interested in the source code being published for the project do let me know.

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