Technical Trading Bot

Before we begin I want to make clear I am no trading professional and the following is for educational purposes only. I take no responsibility for the trading bot you may make/use/buy and/or any money you lose or gain. By reading on you are agreeing to the above.

Trading bots are a great way to play the market and earn some profit, they can be seen as high risk and maybe some times also high in reward. Money never sleeps, the Forex and Crypto market especially are traded 24 hours a day.

For this project I will be creating python scripts that will manipulate price data received by Binance via their API. I will begin by defining a number of trading strategies that will in turn signal my entry and exit points. Once complete I will move on to paper trading to test my strategies, at this point I imagine some tweaking will probably be required. Once done I will move on to creating a script for trade execution on the Binace platform.

Probably worth mentioning I will not be getting in to anything too complex on this project. Being said – can we expect something on arbitrage trading in the future? Maybe.

Find all the latest on my Technical Trading Bot below.

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