Technical Trading Bot – Strategy 2, Elon Musk’s Tweets

Elon Musk is known for being quite open with his Twitter account, with over 60 million followers his voice holds a lot of power online. Throughout the course of 2021, Elon has released several tweets mentioning cryptocurrencies all of which had some immediate effects on their price. For example, a tweet in May 2021 saw Elon mentioning his environmental concerns about Bitcoin with the amount of energy used in its mining and transactions, this resulted in a 15% decrease of the bitcoin price. Another tweet in June 2021 Elon posted a meme about breaking up with Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency which resulted in another 5% decrease in price.

Although they now say anything released from Elon’s twitter account must be approved by a member of his team, it’s a risk I would rather not take. I have created a python script that will retrieve the latest tweets from Elon Musk’s twitter account and search them for keywords i.e., bitcoin, crypto, dogecoin and more. If a keyword is flagged I will probably want the script to pay special attention to the movement of price and alert me.

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