Job Board

Job boards are a great way for people to find work online, with the arrival of LinkedIn they are still valid contenders for employees on the prowl. The creating of a job board would curate several listings from various sources and present them to the user. Whilst you could reach out to employers directly to have their jobs listed on your site, I don’t think it would be wise to do this so soon.

We will start the project using API’s that will feed in listings found online and market these to our own prospects, the niche of job boards is extremely saturated and so it would be good to ‘niche’ in one step further showing roles only in a certain field and a certain location. This way we can market the site with laser precision rather than trying to take over the whole field.

Reed is an employment agency within the UK that have a vast amount of job listings available and offer an API for developers. Using the Reed API as a start we will receive the relevant data and present it on the job board. A cause of concern for me is that I would not like any of the jobs to take the user to the Reed website, rather I want the external link to take them directly to the employer. I am yet to find out how this works although any jobs pointing back to Reed would only dilute my content and I doubt users would return after this point.

More on this project will be coming soon.

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