Miscellaneous – Automating Twitter feed

Twitter can be great for businesses but its maintenance can be a chore, here we will cover how tweets can be easily automated enabling us to get on with more important things.

Twitter offer an API with variations on access levels, it is important to note that for this project an ‘Elevated’ access level will be needed. Meaning you will need to create a Twitter account and register for the ‘Essential’ access level API and then register again for the additional ‘Elevated’ access level. This is fairly easy to do and Twitter is able to approve these very quickly.

Just a small point on the automated tweets, the same tweet can not be posted more than once

Example source code below.

import tweepy

authentication = tweepy.OAuthHandler("API#1", "API#2")
authentication.set_access_token("ACCESS#1", "ACCESS#2")

TwitterAPI = tweepy.API(authentication)

TwitterAPI.update_status("Hello Twitter")

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