Work Automation – Stop your machine idling, Working from home

If you work from home, you may need to sometimes get away without anyone realising. If your job is anything like mine, you’ll have applications that track your idleness. Ever turned to an orange status on Microsoft Teams? Or on the Spark messenger application? In this post using AutoIt we create a script that will overcome this issue.

We begin by starting the SciTE script editor which comes with the AutoIt installer, using a while loop we define our single left mouse click at a predefined position on our monitor (500,500). The source code for this can be found below, do ensure you are saving the file types as “.au3” and you may also convert these in to .exe’s using the built in compile script to .exe feature.

While 1
	;Begin While Loop
	MouseClick('Left', 500, 500, 1)
	;Left Mouse click at X=500 & Y=500 Position on Screen - Left click once
	;Sleep for 5 seconds and then repeat - Infinitely

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