Microsoft Excel – Geographical data

In this tutorial we will be adding geographical data to our Excel spreadsheet via its inbuilt linked data types. This geographical data will give us up to date information on countries and cities.

Some examples of data available are population, time zone, area/region and more.

To do this carry out the following steps.

  1. Start by entering in the name of the location you are interested in for example “New York City”.
  2. With the cell selected click on the ‘Data’ tab and then click ‘Geography’
  3. A data selector may then appear on the right hand side asking you to confirm the location i.e. where the name of a city may exist in more than one country. Pick the one that you are wanting by clicking on the ‘Select’ button.
  4. An insert data icon will then appear around the cell where you may select which piece of geographical data you are wanting to add.

You may add as many data options as you wish to your Excel spreadsheet which will update automatically at there relevant times.

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