PHP Variables – Check if a variable is an Integer

In this post we will be creating a PHP script that will check if an existing variable is of an integer type, to do this we will be using the ‘is_int()’ function. For this example our variables will be stored in an array and we will carry out a check on each item within.

See our array of items for this example below.

$array = array(23, "101", 98, "Hello World", 192.4364, 192);

In the snippet of code below we are iterating the above array and using the ‘is_int()’ function to carry out our check. The True or False values will be printed beside the item and each item will be printed on a new line.

$array = array(23, "101", 98, "Hello World", 192.4364, 192);

foreach ($array as $item) {
    echo $item . " - " ;
	echo var_dump(is_int($item)) . "<br>";


The above would return the following as output.

23 - bool(true)
101 - bool(false)
98 - bool(true)
Hello World - bool(false)
192.4364 - bool(false)
192 - bool(true)

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