Python Pandas – Convert list of dictionaries to Pandas data frame

In this post we will be creating a Python script that will convert a list of dictionaries to a Pandas data frame.

See below our list of dictionaries below for this example.

List = [{'Name': 'Harry', 'Age': 23, 'Status': 'Good'},
         {'Name': 'Ron', 'Age': 22, 'Status': 'Good'},
         {'Name': 'Hermione', 'Age': 22, 'Status': 'Good'},
         {'Name': 'Malfoy', 'Age': 23, 'Status': 'Bad'},
         {'Name': 'Tom', 'Age': 37, 'Status': 'Bad'},
         {'Name': 'Snape', 'Age': 33, 'Status': 'Bad'}]

To convert the above list of dictionaries in to a Pandas data frame we would use the snippet of code below.

import pandas as pd

df = pd.DataFrame(List)

The above would return the following as output.

       Name  Age Status
0     Harry   23   Good
1       Ron   22   Good
2  Hermione   22   Good
3    Malfoy   23    Bad
4       Tom   37    Bad
5     Snape   33    Bad

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