Technical Trading Bot – Strategy 2, Elon Musk’s Tweets

Elon Musk is known for being quite open with his Twitter account, with over 60 million followers his voice holds a lot of power online. Throughout the course of 2021, Elon has released several tweets mentioning cryptocurrencies all of which had some immediate effects on their price. For example, a tweet in May 2021 sawContinue reading “Technical Trading Bot – Strategy 2, Elon Musk’s Tweets”

Technical Trading Bot – Strategy 1, MACD & RSI

As part of the first strategy, I will be making use of the RSI. The RSI short for Relative strength index is an indicator used in technical analysis, the value of the indicator will range from 0 to 100. Values over 70 signal that the instrument is being overbought and values below 30 signal thatContinue reading “Technical Trading Bot – Strategy 1, MACD & RSI”

Utilities Site – Countdown Timer Application

Another general utility used by many are countdown timers, you would typically see them a few months before Christmas or the launch of something new. Where the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds are being presented. This is another application that would be very easy to set up in the first instance and needContinue reading “Utilities Site – Countdown Timer Application”

Utilities Site – Password Generator Application

General online utilities in my opinion are great for passive income. They usually require only a small amount of work in first instance and little to no maintenance going forward. I do imagine these to be low in reward although the demand for them should be infinite and evergreen. I have decided to begin withContinue reading “Utilities Site – Password Generator Application”

Puzzle/Quiz Site – Questions and Answers Scraping

As part of the quiz/puzzle site one of its key features will be the quiz questions and answers. To begin with they will be in plain text, but I will later move on to multiple choice quizzes to help increase user engagement. I was wanting to create a function that would automatically populate the siteContinue reading “Puzzle/Quiz Site – Questions and Answers Scraping”