Miscellaneous – PlayStation 5 stock replenishment bot

The scalpers are real, people are struggling to get hold of PlayStation 5’s – First world problems eh! In this post I will go through how to create a simple bot that will check for stock replenishment at certain stores. Looking at the many stores that sell the console, I came across Argos and itContinue reading “Miscellaneous – PlayStation 5 stock replenishment bot”

Work Automation – Bulk emails to MailChimp (API)

MailChimp is a great tool for email marketing although the adding of emails to the platform can be a chore. In the post we will be going through how to add a list emails and client data to the MailChimp platform using their API and a Python script. To begin with please ensure you doContinue reading “Work Automation – Bulk emails to MailChimp (API)”

Work Automation – Bulk letter generator and print out

The creating of bulk documents and printing them out is probably something a few of us do, whether it be part of your 9-5 or even as a form of outreach for your own project/business. As part of this project we will be creating a Python script that will make use of an Excel spreadsheetContinue reading “Work Automation – Bulk letter generator and print out”

Work Automation – Iterating Excel Spreadsheet data

Excel is an integral part for the majority of us working, learning to iterate through a spreadsheet automatically definitely has its advantage. Here we will iterate columns in an Excel spreadsheet using the Openpyxl library. This library allows us to read and write to cells in an Excel spreadsheet with much ease. Do note CSVContinue reading “Work Automation – Iterating Excel Spreadsheet data”

Technical Trading Bot – Strategy 2, Elon Musk’s Tweets

Elon Musk is known for being quite open with his Twitter account, with over 60 million followers his voice holds a lot of power online. Throughout the course of 2021, Elon has released several tweets mentioning cryptocurrencies all of which had some immediate effects on their price. For example, a tweet in May 2021 sawContinue reading “Technical Trading Bot – Strategy 2, Elon Musk’s Tweets”

Technical Trading Bot – Strategy 1, MACD & RSI

As part of the first strategy, I will be making use of the RSI. The RSI short for Relative strength index is an indicator used in technical analysis, the value of the indicator will range from 0 to 100. Values over 70 signal that the instrument is being overbought and values below 30 signal thatContinue reading “Technical Trading Bot – Strategy 1, MACD & RSI”

Utilities Site – Countdown Timer Application

Another general utility used by many are countdown timers, you would typically see them a few months before Christmas or the launch of something new. Where the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds are being presented. This is another application that would be very easy to set up in the first instance and needContinue reading “Utilities Site – Countdown Timer Application”

Utilities Site – Randomness Generator

A very simple piece of functionality that we can add to a utilities site is a generator of something random. For these types of Applications there can be many variations and they are a great way of increasing the number tools available on your utilities site. Examples of these could include generating a random number,Continue reading “Utilities Site – Randomness Generator”