A list of all our previous and ongoing projects.

LinkedIn Bot

LinkedIn is an amazing platform for marketing and networking with others around the world, in recent time it has been the go to place for many individuals and companies to generate new business. To achieve this I will be making use of the Chrome web driver and Beautiful soup via Python in order to extractContinue reading “LinkedIn Bot”

Technical Trading Bot

Disclaimer:Before we begin I want to make clear I am no trading professional and the following is for educational purposes only. I take no responsibility for the trading bot you may make/use/buy and/or any money you lose or gain. By reading on you are agreeing to the above. Trading bots are a great way toContinue reading “Technical Trading Bot”

Puzzle/Quiz Site

Reading threads on a few Blackhat money making forums I came across several people talking about quiz/puzzle sites. It was often mentioned they attracted a fair amount of traffic and provided a means of monetisation. The objective is to automate the creation of relevant quizzes and or puzzles. My first impression of this project isContinue reading “Puzzle/Quiz Site”

About Scriptopia

One life, one dude. Lots to gain, not much to lose. Hello and welcome to Scriptopia, this is an open online space dedicated to the go-getters. On my journey to go-get I will be diarising my thoughts and actions here. I do this in the hope I may stumble on some like minded people whoContinue reading “About Scriptopia”

Contact Scriptopia

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