Python Pyaztro

PyAztro is a Python library that makes it easy to access astrological data. With this library, you can easily access daily horoscopes and zodiac sign information through the Aztro Astrology API. Whether you’re building an astrology app or adding new features to a website, PyAztro is the perfect tool to help you incorporate astrological data into your project. So start exploring the world of astrology with PyAztro today!

Get lucky time⏰ – Retrieve a lucky time based on star sign.

Get star sign mood🎱 – Retrieve mood based on star sign.

Get star sign compatibility💑 – Retrieve most compatible star sign.

Get lucky number🔢 – Retrieve a lucky number based on star sign.

Get daily horoscopes♒ – Retrieve daily horoscopes based on star sign.

We hope you enjoyed learning about PyAztro and its features, this Python library provides a great way to access astrological data and make use of it in your projects. Whether you’re looking for horoscope predictions or zodiac sign information, PyAztro has got you covered. Let us know if you have any questions or requests for more information or tutorials. We’ll be happy to help.