Python PYPDF2

Welcome to our Python PyPDF2 project resource page! This page is designed to provide educational and inspirational examples of how to use the PyPDF2 library. The library is a powerful tool for manipulating PDF files, and our aim is to demonstrate its capabilities through a variety of projects. Whether you’re new to PyPDF2 or an experienced developer seeking inspiration, you’ll find something of value here.

Export text within a PDF file – Export all text within an existing PDF file and print to output

Extract certain pages within PDF file – Extract all text on given pages within an existing PDF file and print to output

Extract images from PDF file – Extract all images within an existing PDF file.

Merge PDF files – Merge the contents of two PDF files into one.

Merge multiple PDF files – Merge the contents of multiple PDF files into one.

Split PDF file into multiple files – Split an existing PDF into multiple files for example each page on a separate file.

Compress a PDF file – Lossless compression of PDF file using zlib/deflate compression method.

Write PDF metadata – Write metadata to an existing PDF file.

Read PDF metadata – Read metadata from an existing PDF file.

Encrypt a PDF file – Add an encryption password to an already existing PDF file.

Decrypt a PDF file – Remove encryption password from an already existing PDF file.

We hope you have enjoyed exploring the projects on this page and have gained a better understanding of the capabilities of the Python PyPDF2 library. If you have any further requests or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to help and continue providing educational and inspirational resources for the PyPDF2 library.